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перлина - pearl [пэрл]

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Перлина – (укр) жемчужина

Pearl – (укр).  Произносится: пэрл


Online Etymology Dictionary:  mid-13c., from Old French perle (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin perla (mid-13c.), of unknown origin. Perhaps from Vulgar Latin *pernula, diminutive of Latinperna, which in Sicily meant "pearl," earlier "sea-mussel," literally "ham, haunch, gammon," so called for the shape of the mollusk shells. 

Other theories connect it with the root of pear, also somehow based on shape, or Latin pilula "globule," with dissimilation. The usual Latin word for "pearl" wasmargarita (see margarite). 

For pearls before swine, see swinePearl Harbor translates Hawaiian Wai Momi, literally "pearl waters," so named for the pearl oysters found there; transferred sense of "effective sudden attack" is attested from 1942 (in reference to Dec. 7, 1941).

Wictionary: From Old French perle, from Medieval Latin perla. The surfing sense is from “pearl diving”, it being imagined the surfer is diving down for pearls.

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