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Not – нет

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From Middle English not, nat, variant of noght, naht ‎(“not, nothing”), from Old English *nōht, nāht ‎(“nought, nothing”), short for nōwiht, nāwiht ‎(“nothing”, literally “no thing, no creature”), corresponding to nā ‎(“no”) + wiht ‎(“thing, creature”). Cognate with Scots nat, naucht ‎(“not”), Saterland Frisian nit ‎(“not”), West Frisian net ‎(“not”), Dutch niet ‎(“not”), German nicht ‎(“not”). Compare nought and aught. More at no, wight.

Negative particle, mid-13c., unstressed variant of noht, naht "in no way" (see naught). As an interjection to negate what was said before or reveal it as sarcasm, it is first attested 1900; popularized 1989 by "Wayne's World" sketches on "Saturday Night Live" TV show. To not know X from Y (one's ass from one's elbow, shit from Shinola, etc.) was a construction first attested c. 1930. Double negative construction not un- was derided by Orwell, but is persistent and ancient in English, popular with Milton and the Anglo-Saxon poets.

Not и нет в украинском языке - ні.Нет в смысле "отсутствует" в украинском - немає.


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